Beginner’s Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism

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Beginner’s Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism

Hi everyone welcome back, so we’re going to do some strength training today, I’m trying to make the workout as efficient as possible, so you’re, not here too long, but getting the benefits of strength training. So you need to have a chair today, we’re going to use it for some of the exercises. I’D like you to have some weights for sure. So definitely a five pound, a seven or an eight would be great, maybe even a ten. If you can manage to get 10 pound weights, okay, you can use some lighter weights as well throughout the workout. So have a variety. Maybe you know if you don’t have weights right now, you can use soup cans for now until you’re able to buy some, but i highly encourage you to buy some weights, so you get the best benefits all right, uh you’re, going to do this workout two times To three times a week, the main real strength training is you take a day off in between when you’re doing a full body workout.

So we are doing a full body workout for the next several weeks, so you’ll just work out every second day or every third day, depending on, if you’re working out two times or three times for strength training, you can do cardio every day that doesn’t matter you Can add that in I’m not doing a proper warm-up today, because I’m going to create a five-minute, warm-up, class or workout for you, so you can do the warm-up before and then do this or you can choose to do a cardio workout first and then do the Strength, training, a lot of people i know – will be doing cardio as well as this workout. So do something before you do the strength training just to warm up the muscles and get everything ready all right, let’s get started so the first exercise we’re going to do is a double back row. So we did this before in another workout.

Beginner's Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism
Beginner’s Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism

So you know the form, but I’m going to go over it anyway, just to make sure everyone’s doing it correctly. I would like you to use a heavier weight than something that you might use in a you know in a normal cardio-type class, because we are working on building strength. Okay, so find a weight maybe for for today, since it’s our first time try five pound weight, but i want you to go up to whatever you can manage safely with doing it ten times. Okay, so today I’m just going to use a seven pound just to show you um, we are going to have our feet shoulder width apart, so I’m going to tell you some of the rules feet. Shoulder width apart. Knees are always loose. Okay, always have your knees. Loose for support, we are going to lean forward we’re going to stick our glutes out flatten. That back okay, chest is out, glutes are back flatten that back arms are hanging down. So i’m like this arms are hanging down.

We are basically just bringing the elbows up to the ceiling, squeezing our upper back and then bringing that weight back down all right. Let’s start together, so grab that weight sticking. Those glutes out flatten that back knees are loose, we’re working our upper back row, those weights up squeeze that upper back as if you’re squeezing an orange in your shoulder, blades hold and slowly back down. Let’S go again. This is two squeeze that upper back and down three and down four and down five six: seven, eight squeeze that upper back nine squeeze ten and bring that weight down and stand straight up. Okay, perfect! So if you felt that you could do that maybe 10 more times, then your weight is too late. Okay, so maybe for today you know that’s fine with what you’ve done, but in the next several workouts. I want you to find a weight that is challenging where it feels you know. By the time you get to 8.

9 10. You feel like it’s you’re around a seven that is pretty challenging that it’s, you know out of a rate of of 10, that you feel like it’s pretty hard like at a level: seven. Okay, so putting those weights down. We are going to go into our hamstring. Dead-lifts, so this one, we also did before we’re going to grab a heavy weight again, so probably use the same weight that you did on for the last exercise, I’m going to grab a heavier weight so with this one we’re working on the back of our legs Here so our hamstrings okay so again feet shoulder. Width apart, knees are loose, always knees are loose; okay, the weights are in front, so you’re just hinging at the hips, allow yourself to bring the weight down and then pressing through the heels and coming up. Okay. So when we come up we’re going to squeeze our gluten as well to give that extra, workout ready, so we’re going to go down sticking the glutes out chest is forward head, is up and then come back up. Squeeze those glutes going down hinging forward. Just about shin level coming back up squeeze the glutes, so big thing here is keeping your back flat.

So really stick your glutes back and then come up again. This is five going down coming up, feeling that stretch in your hamstrings and again and coming back up. Let’s do three more down keeping those knees loose and up and two more feeling that stretch coming up so pressing through those heels when you’re coming back up as well down pressing through those heels coming back up and standing up straight, bringing those shoulders back all right. Let’s put that weight down so for the next one, we’re going to do some bicep exercises. Your biceps are here: we’re going to do a bicep curl, so grab something around anywhere between probably a 5 and a 10 pound weight.

We’re all different. You all have different strength levels at this point, but we are working on our strength and trying to build that. Okay, so we want it to be hard and by the time we get to our 10th repetition, it should be challenging. Okay, again same rules, feet are shoulder width apart. Knees are loose: okay, having the weight to the side, you’re curling, that weight to the shoulders; you’re, not touching the shoulders you’re just going to about here and then going back down, okay and up again and down breathing out, as you lift the weight up and down This is four squeeze those biceps, so you’re, thinking of your biceps as you’re doing it up that’s five slowly back down six slowly back down, seven eight should be getting really hard. Now, nine and ten, so one other rule here is you don’t want to be doing this? If you’re doing this, your weight is definitely too heavy. That is not the way we lift weights. Okay, your body is still, it is just your arms that are moving up and then it’s coming back down again. Let’s switch it up a little bit, we’re going to do a little bit more to make it to really give the biceps a workout we’re doing a hammer curl weight.

Beginner's Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism
Beginner’s Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism

So this way now so before we were like this we’re now going this way, we’re lifting up to the shoulder and back down I’ll turn again. Just so you can see, feet are shoulder. Width apart, knees are loose, bringing it up and slowly back down. That’s two: three: four: five breathing out six breathing out: [ Applause, ], seven, eight, nine and ten another trick. If you’re finding that it’s getting really heavy towards you towards your. You know: 8 9, 10 repetition. Then you can do singles okay, because that way, your other arm is getting a bit of a break, so you could do one the other one’s getting a break. Now this one’s getting a break, so that’s a way to be able to do more um with the weight that you have all right. Let’s go into our squats. I know i know a lot of you don’t like squats.

So if you don’t like squats you’re going to do the sit, the stands with the chair, okay and if you’re new to squats, then please just use the chair just for safety, okay, so a few rules with squats, if you are doing them, they’re really good for Strengthening your quads and strengthening everything around your knees as well. It is something that’s often recommended by physiotherapists physical therapists uh, so i i do recommend it if your knees can handle it. Okay, otherwise you’re gonna try and do the sit to stands and if that is still challenging, you can just do a knee extension or a leg extension. So you would just bring your leg up hold and back down. Okay, if your knees are, if you have issues with your knees for those who are doing, the squats main rule is not to allow your knees to go past.

Your toes, so we’re really you’re bringing your glutes back like as if you’re sitting in a chair. So really bring them back you’re going down and up again squeeze the glutes okay down and up. Let me show you here, so your have quite a wide stance, going down, keeping the knees out and going up don’t allow your knees to go in like this. Okay, keep the knees out going down and up all right, the sit to stands. Most of you know this now it’s the same thing you’re going down pressing through the heels as you come up, okay, so that’s just a bit of an easier option. All right! Let’s go so for those you, you decide what works best for you all right. So, let’s start so going down pressing through the heels coming up, squeezing the gluts. That’s one down squeeze now how far you go down here is up to you. If you can only go this far, that’s fine then come back up.

If you can go, you know so you’re about parallel. Then you can do that as well. It’s really whatever is comfortable for you squeeze. That’s three. I think four squeeze press through the heels here squeeze when i say squeeze, I’m meaning your gluts when we’re standing. Okay, squeeze those gluts we’re trying to give our butt a workout as well squeeze squeeze last one and squeeze those gluts and hold five four. Three two one and relax excellent, all right chest: press you have the option here. You can do um a floor. Push up if you want I’m doing it in the chair. Just because i know a lot of you don’t like going on the floor.

If you want to do the floor, you’re going to do, and if you can, i do encourage it, do you can do just a push up on your knees? Arms are apart, going down and up main rule is trying to keep your body straight when you’re going down and coming up. Okay, not just your arms that are going down. Okay for those who are in the chair um, we are grabbing a weight anywhere between a five and a ten. It depends again where you’re at okay sitting on the edge of your chair, you’ve seen me.

Do this one before so sitting on the edge leaning back into the chair, holding the weight so we’re here, pressing up and down, so it’s like you’re on an incline bench when you’re at a gym so pressing up. This is three four: five: six, seven, eight nine and ten okay, bringing that weight towards your chest, bringing it down and we’re going to put that weight down. Okay. Staying with the chair, i tried to plan it so we’re not moving the chair back and forth. All the time we’re doing an ab exercise so for this one you are also sitting on the edge we’re going to lean back.

I want you to touch the chair, but then i want you to come off it a bit. Okay, so you’re coming off about. I don’t know two or three inches now. What you’re doing is feet are flat on the floor. Knees are well, we can have them shoulder-width apart, maybe a little bit wider. What i want you to do is just bring your arms to one side like you’re, rowing, a canoe and then to the other side. Now keep the abs tight. Think about your abs here, you’re keeping them tight, go from one side to the other. Okay, so just continue with this motion keeping your abs tight concentrate on those abs, so you should already be feeling it in your abs you’re sitting on the edge of the chair, leaning back but not touching, the chair or not touching. The back of the chair.

Keep going concentrate on those abs, breathing tightening those abs. If you need to come out of this come out of it, you can sit up straight, but otherwise you are going to keep going now. I want you to lift one foot off the floor. Stay in this position, keep going with the arms; bring that foot back down other side; lift it up; one, two, three four and five other side, one, two, three, four: five one more time on the other side, one two, three four and five sitting up straight excellent: Let’s just stretch out that back, let’s bring those hands forward round your back, to really feel that stretch in your back. Okay, really round that back and sitting out straight sticking the chest out: excellent and then sitting normal good okay.

So what else do i have for you? I have the shoulder workout. Okay, i made a list. Of course, i want to make sure i get all the right exercises for you and every time i do one of the uploads it’ll be different exercises because change makes things happen. Okay, if you do the same workout all the time, you’re not going to see any change, you need to lift heavier weights with proper form to see change. Okay, let’s do our shoulder raises, so we’re going to grab a weight, probably if you’re starting out probably be about a three pound. Okay, maybe a five. These are only fives. Feet are shoulder. Width apart.

Knees are loose. Okay, we’re going to bring the arms up to the side, so our the weights up to the side so going up we’re going to bring them forward and we’re going down. Okay, so out to the side forward and down again side three forward and down four forward and down out to the side forward and down six forward and down seven forward and down eight forward and down two more forward and down last one ten forward and down Good, okay working our triceps triceps are the back of your arms. A lot of us have issues with triceps um, so we are going to work on those okay, so same form as before we are leaning forward. Knees are loose, butt is sticking backward.

Beginner's Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism
Beginner’s Strength Training Guide | Build Strength, Tone Up & Boost Metabolism

Okay, really stick it out, so your back flattens, okay. Otherwise you do not want to be rounded like this. You want to bring that chest up and gluts back arms are hanging down, bring those arms up now, you’re just kicking that weight back press that weight feel that in your triceps in the back your arms already. I feel that going back to the shoulder and back and hold squeeze and to the shoulder squeeze the back your arms and forward four. So the only thing here that should be moving is your forearms are going back and going forward again. Okay, nothing else is moving. Sometimes i see people doing this try and keep that upper part of your arm. The upper part of your arm is parallel to your back. Okay, gluts are sticking out up seven, i think eight nine we’ve got one more ten and hold squeeze squeeze squeeze excellent, bringing the weight down standing up straight we’re going to do one more for the triceps. We are going to bring that weight over our heads.

If you need to sit down for this one, okay, if you find it too difficult same rule, feet are shoulder width apart. Roughly knees are loose, bring the weight over the head, so for this one you can use one weight if you wish. Basically, what we’re doing is we’re holding the weight, we’re bringing it behind you’re, keeping your arms kind of against, not quite against your head, but in that position you’re pressing up and bringing the weight back down. Okay, you can choose to use one weight if you want to go with a bit of a heavier weight or use two light weights: okay, so bringing the weights either together or close together, so straight up, bring them down pressing up and down keeping those knees loose And down press four five, six, I’m just turning! So you can see my form: seven, eight, nine last one press press press and feel that in your triceps, bring the weight down in front and bring the weight down good.

Okay, we’ve got two more exercises and you’re done already. Okay, so we are going to do a calf raise which we’ve done before you can either hold the back of the chair and uh and lift your heels up or you can just hold onto a wall and lift the heels up all right, standing up straight lifting Those so for this one, you don’t have your knees, bent: okay, if you’re having your knees, bent you’re, not working, the calves, keep the leg straight, lift those heels up back down and again, two and down three four: five: six: seven, eight, nine and ten good. All right last one is our balance exercise, so we are going to do what we did in another workout. We’re going to have uh bring one knee up, one ar and the opposite arm up for balance exercise. If you have really poor balance and you’re a little bit nervous about it, all i want you to do is just to bring one knee up and down, and you can have your chair close by, so your hand is on the chair if you wish.

Okay, so for the others, if you feel that you have fairly good balance and you want to challenge it a little bit more you’re going to do the opposite, so one knee comes up opposite arm goes up so bringing it up and back down other side. Now, if you want to challenge your bounce, even more looking forward, keep going. This is three four four five. Oh five, six six! Let’s go up to eight seven, seven [ Music, ] last one on each side, eight and eight all right! That’s it for today’s workout um. If you want to do stretching actually, let’s do a little bit of stretching, let’s just press the hands out in front, I’m afraid if i tell you or if i ask you to do one of these stretching workouts you’re not going to, and i want you to Stretch so, let’s press the hands forward knees are loose, bring the hands together, bringing those arms back so after this workout definitely do a cardio workout. If you feel like it, you can do cardio and strength training on the same day for sure bring one arm overhead reaching the other arm down so stretching both in opposite directions. Now, let’s go on the other side stretching up and stretching down, let’s rotate those wrists and the other direction, and we’re just going to stretch out the legs. We’re going to bring the foot up.

So legs are fairly close together here. Okay, so when you’re doing this you’re, not having that leg flare out, keep the knee the legs close together, so your knees are close together. This is also a balance exercise if you’re not holding on to something and switching to the other side. My balance is not great today and that’s the thing some days, you’re gonna have great balance other days, you’re not depends on how tired you are, and so on so feeling this in the front. Your leg, okay, let’s stretch out our back of our legs, we’re going to bring one leg back.

I want you to press into that back heel, feeling that in the back your leg, so, as i said you can do this two or three times a week. It’s up to you, i am my plan – is to put a strength, training workout every two weeks, with something different and switching to the other side pressing into the back heel. You can push against a wall if you wish to get more of an intense stretch, good. Let’s bring the toes up and i just want to say thanks to all of you, for your amazing comments, i you bring lots of smiles to my face every day when i read them, i have to say so. Thank you for that all right, let’s switch to the other side, bringing the toes up sitting back, putting the if you need to just putting a little bit of weight on your other leg rather than the one. That’s straight ahead, all right! Those are some of the basics if you want to do more, stretching just um use, one of the other videos and uh, that’s it for today. Okay, thank you so much for joining me. I will see you next time. Take care.

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