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This will be a tournament. The members who win in the preliminaries will advance to the next round. We will decide the first to third placers with the semifinal and final rounds. If you draw No. 5 or No. 6, you only need to win once to advance to the final round. Winning by default is good because – we need to save energy. / – I want to win by default. The three members who lost in the preliminaries will not have a play-off to decide their rankings.

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We will decide the fourth to sixth places based on the time they fell from the rope. It's about who falls first. – You lose the sooner you fall. / – That's right. The member who fell the earliest gets sixth place. Your opponents will be decided by drawing the balls. I don't want to play first. – I need an easy group. / – I know. That's right. Which section you go to is crucial. Who you're playing against is also important. I wish he draws one of the balls from one to four. The Lord of Impressive Trip. – No. 2. / – No. 2! All right! – Seonho will get No. 1. / – Please! – No. 4. / – No. 4. (Seonho draws No. 4.) – Yes! / – Yes! Please. – I want No. 5 or No. 6. / – I have to avoid Junghoon. Get No. 1 or No. 3. – No. 1! He meets Ravi. / – No. 1! This is the worst! – They're No. 1 and No. 2. / – This is the worst. Now I just have to avoid Seonho.

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You don't want No. 3. You need to avoid Seonho. No. 5! (DinDin draws ball No. 5.) Whatever. I'll just pick one. – Okay. / – I have to beat all of them? These two are beatable. No. 6! – Yes! / – No. 6! (Both Jongmin and DinDin think each other easy.) (Seonho with a powerful core and Seyoon the strongest) Numbers one to four are all tough opponents. So either Jongmin or DinDin will place second? – All right! / – Yes! (The draw for the order is completed.) (Challenging Tightrope Walking Confrontation Table) (One of these two will be in the second place.) It's the first match. Junghoon is a tough opponent. This feels like a single-log bridge now that I'm up here. I might fall if I'm not careful.

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Now that I've come up here, I wonder why my legs are shaking so much. I'm getting nervous. It won't be about strength – since it will shake about. / – Right. Tell us your determination. It's about time that I got a benefit. – Right. / – "I want some benefits." – It's about time. / – Right. I'll enjoy the game. I hope you enjoy it a lot. (He hopes Junghoon will get excited.) Producer Bang Geulyi's tightrope match. All the managers and stylists are rooting for you over there. – It's the first match. / – I'm nervous. Even I'm getting nervous. (Preliminary Round 1, Junghoon versus Ravi) Get set! How would one defeat someone who enjoys it? Like Gong Gil from "The King and the Clown". "I'm here." "And you're there." (From the movie "The King and the Clown") (Like the clowns in the movie,) (they walk beautifully) (on the tightrope.) – Go forward! / – Keep going.

– What? / – You have to go! – Ravi, are you shaking it? / – What's that? Are you shaking it on purpose? – What's happening? / – Are you shaking it? Isn't this the dance of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"? They both are shaking. (Is it ending?) (Junghoon gets the hang of it and attacks.) (Junghoon uses his arm strength.) (Ravi can't seem to stand still.) – He looks like a paper doll. / – You look pathetic. Ravi might lose. He's losing. (Ravi hangs on.) (It's close, but he's still standing strong.) (Somebody, help Ravi!) (Junghoon keeps coming at him.) (He even uses his feet.) (He got past the crises again!) (Tilted) (The struggling Ravi looks like) (a sloth hanging on a tree.) He's hanging in there! (Ravi Sloth's surprising core strength) (Struggling) – What is going on? / – I'm so scared. Let's go. (Ravi Sloth barely manages to hold on.) – Oh, Ravi is going. / – Ravi! He's like a snowboarder.

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A professional snowboarder. – Okay! / – Let's watch. (Will Junghoon) (fall?) Okay! (Passion Junghoon shows his grit.) This is insane! What is happening? (The close match continues.) This is insane! What is happening? (Will Ravi Sloth strike back?) (How will it go?) He's so flexible. Okay! (He touched the ground.) He fell. – It's over. / – Ravi wins. Ravi advances to the semifinals! (I gave all I had.) – That was an amazing match. / – It was.

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