No Equipment HIIT CARDIO & ABS // Day 24 HR12WEEK 2.0

hey team welcome to today's hiit cardio and abs 
workout getting that heart rate up and working   on building our core strength at the same time 
for one serious sweat fest today no equipment is   needed so all you need to do is clear some space 
and follow along we're getting started right now yes guys that's it another killer hiit cardio 
and abs workout is complete awesome work we   made it through another day remember fueling these 
workouts with proper nutrition is the best way to   progress and to reach your goals quickly so if you 
need some guidance or help getting on track with   your meals check out my nutrition guide for some 
of my tips tricks and easy to make recipes i'll   drop the link in the description box below okay 
rest up and i will see you at the next workout

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