Lose 11 pounds in 2 days /Parsely weight loss detox drink #FastResult

Welcome back to my channel in today's video 
i'm going to show you a simple and quick   detox drink for fast weight loss stay 
tuned and find out how I make this drink to make this drink I have a pot I'll be adding 
two cups of water into the pot and allow to boil to make this parsley weight loss drink 
I'll be using a handful of parsley.   parsley is very good because to help 
to maintain your blood sugar level   and the chlorophyll content aids weight 
loss it contains enzymes that will improve   digestion and also play an important role 
in losing weight you also have to flush away   any tossing and excess fluid from your 
system so I'm going to wash this personally to wash the parsley i'll be using water 
and salt i'll add some salt into the water add the parsley when i wash need to wash it 
properly to make any beautiful sand now repeat the same process when i'm done washing the parsley I'm 
going to cut them into smaller pieces i'll be slicing the parsley do when i'm done slicing the parsley i'll 
be adding it into the boiling water here is my pot of boiling 
water i have two cups of water so i've been adding the parsley leaf i will cover it and allow it 
to boil for about two minutes   then i will turn off the heat and allow it 
to cool after about two minutes of boiling   the parsley i remove from the heat and 
allow to cool before straining water   when the passing tea has cooled down i'm 
going to strain to get the tea or the drink for fast results take this drink frosting on 
empty stomach in the morning to help to flush out   any toxic and excess fluid from your system 
it will have to it will help you to maintain   blood to maintain your blood sugar which also 
helps to improve your digestion and also help   your weight loss if you like you can add honey 
or lemon to enhance the taste i'll be drinking it i hope that this video is helpful thank you all for watching you

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