Ear Stretching First Time 2G to 0G πŸ“ How To With Kristin

hey everyone so I'm attempting to go
from a to H to a zero gage I'm a little bit nervous I think I psyched myself out
a little bit because I've been watching other people's videos and I haven't
really found a video where it's gone smoothly it all seems to be extremely
painful and they all keep saying it's the worst one they've done so I'm a
little nervous and as you can see well this one's like pretty much a 1 gage I
made this one myself just make it a little bit bigger this one this is the
gage that I can only get halfway through right now but I've left it like that so
that way hopefully it'll be a little easier once I actually push it through
really nervous and this is my good year so that's why I started with that one um
so let's see how it goes oh my god this is going to hurt like I can already tell
it already hurts really bad oh yeah Fudgsicle ha ha ha my
boyfriend's gonna think this is so entertaining purse oh my god we gotta my
god that hurt can you see how my entire ear is red and swollen what I'm really
nervous about now is not being able to get this in oh I wanted way farther than the other
one I think you

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