Distance Driven – Episode 1: ‘Stretching for Power’

Hi everyone. Chris Como here and we're going to give you a weekly tip on how to gain more distance with your driver. So, a lot of us have been at home during this lockdown. Haven't hit any balls. We're getting tight. Here's sort of a full body stretch that I think is going to help you next time you play. You could find a door jamb, in this case I've got a little portable bookshelf. Anything where I can put the butt end of my club up against. So I'm going to choke up on the club. I'm going to take that butt end, wedge it up against something, and now I'm going to feel like I have this full stretch of that lead arm across my chest. Feel the shoulder stretch. Feel the upper back stretch. That full body stretch is what you want in a good golf swing. and if you do it at home next time you hit balls, it's going to help you get more distance..

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