8 Best Cardio Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

– What's up guys, it's Chris
Heria, welcome to another vlog. Today I'm gonna be
showing you the eight best cardio exercises that you
can do absolutely anywhere. Now a lot of people think
that they can just lift and they don't need cardio or that they don't have to do it because they're already skinny enough or they don't want to do it because they're afraid of losing muscle.

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Well let me start off by saying
every professional athlete utilizes cardio from
a professional fighter to a professional football player. Of course it can be
good for losing weight, but cardio has a lot more
benefits than just that. First off, cardio increases
the strength in your heart and your lungs. That's gonna build your
cardiovascular endurance and that's actually gonna help
you gain muscle in the gym. With more cardiovascular endurance, you'll be able to push past
the point where you used to fatigue, causing you to
tear way more muscle fibers than you used to and because you've
increased your endurance, you can have more energy in your workouts, increasing the intensity on how you train.

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Now cardio isn't running,
cycling, swimming, or even spending hours on the treadmill. You can do cardio in one place just by choosing body weight exercises that will bring your heart rate up and low impact enough that will allow you to maintain a steady pace for time. Now the cardio style exercises
I'm about to show you work not only to burn fat
and increase endurance, but also engage many muscles in your body including the smaller muscles which are often neglected.

They'll help assist you to
perform harder exercises and make you look way more shredded. So now you guys know why
you need to be doing cardio, let's get right into the eight exercises. All right, now this is only
gonna take a couple minutes so I want you guys to
follow along with me. Now for any of these exercises that you don't feel
comfortable with doing, just do one of the other exercises for a longer period of time,
but I did select exercises that you can just jump right into. They don't take or need any
prior training experience. So with that being said, every exercise is gonna be for 30 seconds.

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We're gonna start off light, the first one being jumping jacks. Let's go for it. (upbeat music) Whew! Nice little warm-up. Next, moving on to one of my
favorite exercises, burpees. For this move, you can choose
to go at your own pace, choosing not to do a push-up
if you don't feel comfortable at the bottom or not jumping as high if you're just a beginner, but remember you should
always try to push yourself, of course without sacrificing your form. Let's go for it. (upbeat music) Whew, all right, there you have burpees, let's drop to the ground.

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Moving on to the next exercise, we're gonna be going for bicycles. Remember, keep a steady
pace, but maintain the form. Regulate your breathing. (upbeat music) If you're having trouble
breathing through these, this is a very good
indicator that you need to be doing more, a lot more
of cardio, a lot more of this. All right, moving on to the next exercise. Switching up the plane and the angle and engaging your muscles
from a different position. We're gonna jump in and
out, with these in and outs, open and close. (upbeat music) Remember to regulate your breathing, in through your nose, out through your mouth.

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Whew, you guys should be feeling it now. Almost there. All right, right about now,
starting to break a sweat. Next exercise, side to side jump squats. We're gonna choose a line on
the ground and hop right over. (upbeat music) Whew, all right, let's bring
it back down to the ground. We're gonna be going shoulder to shoulder. So we're gonna touch one side, other side, shoulders, sides, hips, knees, and finally, your feet. That's gonna be one rep. 30 seconds, let's go for it. (upbeat jazzy music) Knee, knee, foot, foot. Here we go, shoulder, shoulder, side, side, hip, hip, knee, knee, foot, foot. All right, let's bring it back up.

We're almost done, we're gonna be going
into switching lunges. Now we have two more exercises left, if you feel at this point
you're feeling a bit fatigued, take a second to catch your breath, slow down your pace, but don't stop. Let's go for it. (upbeat music) Whew, all right, we
have made it to the end. Last exercise, we're gonna
be going for high knee runs. This is gonna be the last exercise, I want you guys to give
it everything you got. Bring your knees up as high as you can, I want your knees to your elbows. Let's go for it. (upbeat music) Whew, that's gonna complete round one. If you're able to complete
that, that's a great start, but eventually you wanna
build your endurance to be able to do two rounds, three rounds, eventually four rounds of this. And you're gonna start seeing
some incredible results and remember, every pro
athlete utilizes cardio. So if you wanna be like the pros, you gotta train like the pros. And of course to get this workout and full access to my personal workouts and workout programs, make sure you've
downloaded my Heria Pro app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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You're gonna get full
access to my workouts and workout programs
that are just like these that I create on a daily and weekly basis with specific goals in
mind, like burning fat and building solid, lean muscle. So if you're trying to get in
the best shape of your life, download the Heria Pro
app in the App Store or Google Play Store
if you haven't already and get me as a personal
trainer in your pocket and start seeing some real results, not just looking strong,
but actually being strong. And that's gonna cut it
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