30 Minute Cardio Pyramid Stack Workout

hey everybody i'm Amy from BodyFit by Amy and 
this is your cardio pyramid stack workout this   is day two of your holiday hit challenge we are 
gonna hit it hard with some heart pumping cardio   that will also sculpt and tone and burn those 
muscles we're working in our pyramid stack format   so we're stacking our exercises 30 seconds 
at a time going up going back down it's gonna   move quickly but we're gonna have a great 
time doing it are you ready let's do it let's start with a little march you're just 
marching or jogging whatever feels good for   you and let's roll those shoulders to the back 
we're going to start just by getting the muscles   warm with this dynamic warm-up some movement 
prep for the exercises that we're going to do   and we will keep it pretty short so of course 
if you need more of a warm-up or a cool down   get it on your own you can check 
out my extended warm-up and extended   cool down videos they are in the description 
let's go one at a time so cardio pyramid   stack the goal is cardio getting the heart rate up 
but it's gonna stay up just by the nature of this   workout let's take those arms out nice and wide 
big stretch open up that chest open up those legs   and then just sit side to side as we roll our 
shoulders elbows and wrists here to here so as   always i will give you lots of different options 
as i always say i want you to be where you are   today reach it up reach it down work to your level 
challenge yourself in a way that works for you   that you can be proud of yourself you can know you 
pushed yourself but you're going to want to keep   going right so be where you are today remember 
that if you showed up today you are successful   that is all that matters and especially in 
a cardio workout but really in any workout   the goal is to keep moving so keep moving don't 
worry about what it looks like don't worry about   feeling coordinated or not as long as you're safe 
and you're moving those are my two rules i want   you to hinge it forward right down the front of 
your legs and of course even having said that   if you need more of a breather or a break take it 
on your own hit pause whatever you need to do if   you're able we're going to walk it out to that 
inchworm if you want to stay standing you just   keep reaching and walk it back this inchworm 
is just such a great warm up through the back   of the legs all the way up through the spine and 
of course we get our cores fired up and ready to   go as well let's hold this one here if you need to 
bend your knees behind your knees press up to down   dog back to center so cardio stack maybe you've 
done this format with me before let's walk it back   we are stacking our exercises starting with 
exercise one just tap those hips back for   30 seconds then we will rest 30 seconds then we 
will add exercise two for 30 seconds followed by   exercise one for 30 seconds followed by rest for 
30 seconds we will take that up to four exercises   with that hold it here if you can drop that hand 
down reach that hand up drop that knee so that's   what it looks like you're stacking the 30 seconds 
and then you'll keep with what you've done one   two one three two one four three two one switch 
your sides other side right here if you're able   take it down drop that knee then we will go the 
opposite so we'll start taking the exercises off   so once we go four three two one we'll go four 
three two four three and just four step it in   round it up tap and reach across i know that 
may have sounded confusing but don't worry i am   going to talk you through it it is quite a bit 
of repetition but if you did the pyramid stack   with weights you know it goes really quickly a 
lot of you said you had a love-hate relationship   with this type of workout because it does feel 
like repetition but it does move really quickly   let's take those hamstrings up all we've got are 
two circuits of four moves that we're taking in   that pyramid format all right four moves is all we 
got that's all you gotta learn we'll have a longer   break of about a minute in between the two where 
you can get water you can keep moving and with   all of those moves i will give you options low 
impact some of them are going to be low impact   by design so we're not high impact stack stack 
stack right some of them you will have options   and all of it you take at your own pace at your 
own level right big stretch right through here   so be where you are today work to your level if 
you need more of a breather especially when we   get to those stacking multiple sets of 30 seconds 
please get it step touch all right team so i'm   gonna talk you through it we got four exercises 
we're gonna stack them up stack them down take a   little break do four more stack them up stack them 
down your very first exercise low impact design by   design you're gonna squat it low bring that knee 
up and across squat it low knee up and across if   the knee gets if the squat gets to be too much for 
you just do the knees here we go 30 seconds down   and knee you can tap it just like this or cross it 
elbow to knee you're going to see this one a lot   in this first circuit they all end up being the 
same amount of time but there's something about   that first one that you get sicker of quicker 
right if you want to add that jump you can but   i still want you to get low in the squat again 
another option is just the knees right here five   four three two breathe tap out for 30.

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You got 
30 seconds to breathe when you get to that 30   second breather no matter where we are i want you 
to really take the real rest you can keep tapping   or jogging but don't push it because we're 
building it we're working on that endurance your   second exercise we've got a three hot punch one 
two three one two three if you've done the heisman   with me before you're here if you want to add 
three punches you can but it's step one two   three punch one two three punch guard 
is up here we go one two punch one two three hop punch low impact of course is 
just a step whatever pace is good for you   one two three punch one two three punch or hook 
huh yes think of that heisman where on that three   you really stick the landing drive the hip down 
drive that knee up you can add three punches if   you want remember 30 seconds down squat knee 
here we go so we're going right into this   so that's what it looks like once you finish 
the new exercise you repeat the ones you've   done before again you do not have to go fast or 
high impact on every exercise there's a reason   this squat and knee is not high impact you can 
make it that way if that's where you are today   or you can take it just your knee cross again 
so many options five four three two one thirty   seconds to breathe right so if at any point in 
those thirty second breathers you wanna grab water   grab it we got exercise number three coming up so 
we've got a step touch slide so step touch step   touch slide one two slide so moving laterally step 
touch step touch your slide can be a hop or your   slide can be a step core engaged here we go step 
touch step touch slide hop hop slide it can be a   little hop step if that's what you want or just 
step touch step touch slide working on a little   bit of agility a little bit of footwork with all 
of these right because agility is so important for   our health we get those balance moves that 
quick first footwork so we can react right   so we want it if this just looks like a step 
touch for you that's okay too here we go three   hop punch one two huh one two step it with one 
punch or three punches hop it with three punches remember with cardio we're trying to get different 
planes of motion different movements with our body   but at the end of the day we just want to get 
that heart pumping we want to get the muscles   working so again don't worry too much about the 
coordination three two one yes last 30 here we   go squat and now now you're seeing why this works 
right because we're stacking them we're taking out   our rest ratio right we're switching it up every 
time that's on purpose again if you need to take   more of a breather take a breather but you got to 
come into in 10 seconds and then we're at the top   of the pyramid with exercise four breathe three 
two one relax 30 seconds to breathe all right   guys this last one you can keep it standing or you 
can keep it down if you want to keep it standing   you're reaching down with a 
hinge you're squatting down low   reach and squat if you're able to take it 
down we're gonna inch worm it out pop it up   turn it around inchworm it out pop it up turn it 
around let's get it done in five four three two   inch worm pop-up here we go or hinge squat inch 
worm it out pop pop inch worm it out yes team keep it going remember you can be here and here 
this is exercise four so after this we're going   down three two one then we start taking 
them away cool finish it out five seconds yes breathe take it here one two slide step touch 
step touch slide this is going to be your longest   interval and then we take it back down breathe 
if you need to take it low impact if you need to   so it's essentially step touch step touch wider 
step touch right a little higher hop hop slide   hop hop slide one more three hop 
punch for thirty one two three one two   after this we got that squat and knee cross for 
the very last time so whatever you got right here breathe it's your longest interval when we get 
to the top and we go four three two one that's   the longest we go and you're almost done with 
it last 30 squat knee here we go and breathe   and breathe yes and up good you can jump 
it if you want remember you got that 30   second breather coming and then we start 
from the top we start taking them away down and up low to high or just your knees three   two one catch your breath grab a sip all right now 
we're gonna start from the top inchworm pop it up   or hinge flat and then we'll go back 
down four three two four three and four   let's get it done team catch your breath 
core engage give yourself 10 more seconds   to really settle that breath be where you are 
stay with me yes you can inchworm pop up walk   it out it does not have to be fast pop it up turn 
it around you can also just walk it out walk it   in turn it around you don't have to jump it even 
if you're going down anything goes or hinge squat   hinge squat whatever you got we got 10 seconds 
think of that inchworm just like your warm up   and breathe step touch step touch slide here 
we go step touch step touch slide low impact   it's just two step touches one wider step 
touch hop hop for high impact hop hop slide   hop hop slide a lot of lateral motion in these 
middle two moves right so we can really get   that hip action one more hop three hop punch 
last time one two three one two three one two   last time with this move so give it all you got yes don't forget about that core staying   engaged i know you're tired zip everything 
up make sure you're breathing five seconds punch yes breathe 30 seconds to breathe no more 
three hop punch ever and ever all done for the day   all right we got four and two no 
four and three inchworm pop up   one two slide step touch step touch slide 
and then we'll do the inchworm pop up   one last time it's gonna go so quickly we'll get 
a 30 second breather in between that core engaged   zip it up shoulders back inchworm think about 
that upper body mobility here we go walk it out   notice we could have made this a burpee but i 
didn't want to one because it's a tough format   to be doing a whole bunch of burpees you know i 
don't like to put them in more than once right   but also because i would rather you focus on the 
mobility work which is just as important as that   heart pumping cardio right breathe 
walk it out take it up yes one more   good get ready step touch step 
touch big slide touch touch   slide step touch step touch slide pump those 
arms keep it going pump pump slide yes team five four three two one catch your breath we're at 
the end of this round one more set of 30 seconds   and it's that inchworm pop up if you want to 
modify hinge it squat it hinge squat whatever you   got mobility cardio finish it out then we get a 
longer breather then we get one more round of four   but it's gonna go just this quickly right here we 
go three two one interim pop pop-up walk it out   pop it up turn it can you get a little quicker if 
you want team i know i just mentioned not making   this a burpee on purpose but since we get a longer 
break if you want feel free take it to that burpee   right burpee pop up it's up to you you certainly 
don't have to but if you want that extra challenge   or just keep walking out or hinge and here you 
got five four three two breathe first circuit down   look at the clock guys you got a minute 
to breathe i want everybody to grab water   whether you think you need it or not huh look 
at that we are halfway through this workout i know that felt long but 
also didn't it go by fast   keep tapping those feet if you can we're gonna 
do it all again guys four new moves all right   our very first one you you keep breathing watch 
me we're gonna go side lunge same leg step back   to reverse lunge side lunge same leg step back 
to reverse lunge if you want you can just do   side lunge to side lunge if you want to take 
the reverse out of it if it feels like too much   for your brain or you can just think it is taps 
rather than lunges totally up to you with or   without a little jump low or high but let's get 
it done your first 30 starts now side lunge knee   reverse you don't have to bring that knee up but 
you can side knee reverse again i designed this   as this first one because we get a little 
tired of it to be low impact but it's up to you   if you want to take it here 
breathe dig in here yes here one more yes breathe 30 seconds to breathe 
exercise two we got our typical skater tap   tap but we're going to add a big reach big reach 
so big circle of the arms again mobility try to   get low in the hip if you can if your legs aren't 
feeling that leg workout after those lunges you   just get a tap step it or jump it doesn't matter 
stay with me we got our skater rainbow and then   we got our side lunge reverse in three two one 
skater rainbow ambry you want more of that cardio   really hop it side to side you're 
still getting those big arms   if you want mobility it's all mobility it's 
all cardio right but again take it as slow as   you need to as quickly as you can with good 
form whatever you got we have five seconds   skater rainbow and then side lunge reverse 
lunge three two one take it here we're down up   breathe down if you want to add 
a little hop side hop reverse hop i know it's a lot for your brain so again you 
can just take it side lunge if you want up to you yes last one breathe 30 seconds to reap all right 
guys we're already at exercise three how fast   is this going a little bit of boxing again but 
don't stress about it we got four uppercuts four   three two one two jacks two jacks 
if you want you can take it slow   and then low impact jack you can take it fast 
uppers high impact jack or any combination   in between exercise three four uppers two 
jacks here we go four three two one jack jack really think get low up and under on those punches and then power up on those jacks even if 
you're here you're still getting power power   upper upper upper nothing wrong with 
this no shame in the modification two more yes rainbow skater rainbow skater oh so relaxing right just a rainbow it's 
meditation it's mobility you can take it   up if you want breathe big arms you can tap you 
can get low you can get quick it's up to you five   four three two side lunge tap it in reverse 
other side side reverse yes here and back here get it team breathe yes last one all right team 30 seconds to breathe 
all right here's what we got exercise four this   is the longest interval you're gonna do 
four three two one with those exercises you can keep it up you can do a superman 
and a plie squat superman plie squat or   all the way down superman pop it up take it all 
the way down join me here either way here we go   superman from the ground or up top pop it up 
or play a squat so you're lowering down you're   pushing up pop it up another option team is that 
quadruped you can just do a push-up and a bird   dog that works too if you want that extra upper 
body which is what we're trying to get if you   want to keep it standing big superman plie squat 
standing superman or floor pop it up last one yes here we go upper upper upper two 
jacks yes if you need to start low impact   because it's tough to get up off the ground i know 
remember this is your longest interval but you're   almost halfway through it and then we take it back 
down jacks jax what do you got stay with me yes one more we got your rainbow skater here we go yes after this we get that side in reverse for 
the very last time so stick with me yes you can   even if you're just moving slowly if you're going 
to take a breather and jump back in with the side   lunge you can don't let your brain talk you out of 
it because you are strong you've got the stamina   you've got the endurance if it's hard it's because 
you're working hard here we go side lunge reverse   side lunge reverse yes team this is the last time   you're doing this move so if you want to jazz it 
up jazz it up yes 10 seconds here we go five four   three two breathe water if you need it thirty 
second break all right team we're back to the top   four three two four three four that's 
all we need to be done with this workout we're starting down or up superman wide plie 
squat superman wide please squat or from your   knees knee push-up bird dog or all the way down 
but you got 30 seconds here we go superman lift   pop it up here we go pop it back superman live 
i want you to really think about your core and   your upper as you're going down don't cheat it we 
don't want just this really squeeze it up use your   arms and upper pop it up stay low heels down yes 
10 seconds you can do it what do you got five four   three two bring it up uppers and jack here we go 
four three two two jacks or slow upper upper this   works too i don't care you're moving you're 
here that's all i care about yes get it done four three two two jess yes precise and 
intentional with those movements especially as   we're getting tired i know it's tempting to just 
be here but really make it intentional rainbow   skater this is your last one can 
you get a little bigger here to here   yes you can can you get a little lower into the 
hips really stick it into those hips outer thighs   inner thighs arms mobility last time you're seeing 
this move then we are done with it forever and   ever today three two one 30 seconds to breathe 
look at that team we got superman pop-up uppers   and jack superman pop-up you can be whatever you 
want it can look however you want but we're gonna   finish it out we have one minute of exercise 
30 second rest 30 seconds of exercise done no   bonus move i'm gonna tell you right now so don't 
even get that in your head all right let's get   it done standing knees or all the way down i want 
intentional strong here we go up up breathe up up   core engage slow on your way down big squeeze 
use your core as you're coming up so especially   as you're coming out of that push-up try not to 
just push with your upper really use your core   knees if you need to five four three two one 
uppers and jacks last time four three two one four three two one yes team jess 
how many people are feeling their   arms and their core after that 
right that's why we put that in i wanted the last move of each circuit to get 
more upper body and core and to have the option   to take it down i know not everybody loves cardio 
on the floor breathe 30 seconds of breathe i know   i don't either but sometimes it's good to put 
it in there all right team catch your breath   this is it last 30 seconds everything in your 
tank let's step on the gas whether that's slow or   fast whether that's standing or knees or floor i 
don't care but give it all for the last 30 because   then we are cooling it down and stretching 
and we are done three two one let's get it can you get a little quicker you can   halfway there 15 seconds to go stay with 
me because you are so close to being done last one five four three two ah   bring it up tap it out yes team oh man you 
did it i am so proud of you that format   is not easy i really debated about trying cardio 
with this format because it is challenging right   but you did it again i don't care what it looks 
like i don't care if you took breaks i don't care   if you did low impact or high if you were moving 
if you showed up you were successful keep that   in your brain do not let your brain tell you any 
differently if your body feels tired it's because   you worked hard you earned it a little hamstring 
stretch hips to the back pull the toe towards you make sure that you like this video that 
you subscribe let me know in the comments   what you thought do you like this format would you 
like to see more with other formats other types of   equipment right now we have this with weights 
kettlebell and dumbbell but i'd love to do it   with dumbbells with kettlebells maybe trx all of 
it let me know did you love it did you hate it   did you love and hate it it's a sign of 
a good workout right stretch it forward   roll those shoulders of course like the 
video subscribe to the channel so i can   keep making these videos for you and make 
sure that you are signed up for my newsletter   and you're doing the holiday hit challenge with us 
or if you're seeing this after the fact join us if   you want to take it to the next level join us over 
in the body fit athletic club that's where you get   all the extras but at the very least make sure 
that you're on the email list you get the weekly   calendar the monthly calendar and you get lots of 
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in your journey over in the athletic club we have   live events we have q and a's we have so many fun 
things happening over there so that is the place   to be if you can but otherwise just keep showing 
up for these workouts i am here for you shake it   up get more of a stretch if you can on your own 
roll those shoulders back one big deep breath in   and out you did it that was your cardio 
pyramid stack workout great job everybody

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