10 Common Stretching MISTAKES You Need To Avoid! Effective Way to get Flexible

HI there. This is khushi and in this video we will be talking about some common stretching mistakes that you might be doing during your flexibility training. It is obvious that if we don't perform in a correct way we will end up hurting our muscles and nothing else. If you are aware of these common mistakes, very good for you, but if you're a beginner you should checkout all these mistakes and try to amend them. So, lets get started. The most common stretching mistake can be seen while performing the front lunge. If the angle of inclination of your front leg is less than 90 degrees or more than that it won't cause an effective stretch in your legs rather you can end up hurting up your hamstrings. In order to correct this lunge position, you have to incline your leg at 90 degree angle keep your back straight and try to push your legs downwards look in front while you're performing this stretch You can also try pushing your hips downwards while performing this lunge This is truly effective exercise for front splits and over splits Another common mistake made by the people is that they generally don't warmup before performing the stretching exercises No matter whether you're a beginner or expert at stretching you should warmup before performing the stretches A pre-stretching warmup will help to increase your body's core temperature, to make muscles more pliable and generate blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue.

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This warmup should be accompanied by dynamic as well as static stretches The third common stretching mistake is made by the people during the seated forward bend. As you can see in this position the head is hung down and you can feel the stress in your neck. This is not an effective exercise rather you will feel dizziness in your head and pain in your lower back and neck so in order to correct this position we will first stretch our hamstrings, look forward and you will feel the stretch in your hips after this you can point your feet and try to bend your back downwards. you can also touch your nose to your knee. You might have seen many people will recommend you to hold your breath while stretching actually you should not do that because conscious breathing makes the stretching more effective Many people unintentionally hold their breath while stretching which can cause muscles to become tense and resistant also it may happen that you may feel dizziness in your head while performing the extreme backbends and holding up your breath so its not advisory to hold your breath while stretching

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