Home Nutrition Part 1 of 3: Nutrition & Cancer Survivorship: Making Healthy Choices

Part 1 of 3: Nutrition & Cancer Survivorship: Making Healthy Choices

Part 1 of 3:  Nutrition & Cancer Survivorship:  Making Healthy Choices

you know we really live in a information age or an era of information overload certainly we’re bombarded with the research studies on the television news every night we see the latest articles and newspapers and magazines and books and then of course there’s the internet it just bombard us with all sorts of health and nutrition and cancer information what we’d like to do today is to raise your awareness about how choices that you make every day can affect your health don’t these people look happy they’re all running and jogging the key thing about exercise I always tell our patients is that you have to find something that you enjoy doing because if you don’t enjoy doing it you just you’ll find every excuse in the book not to do it so what are your lifestyle choices do you smoke or are you exposed to secondhand smoke do you exercise how do you eat how do you fuel your body do you drink alcohol and if so how much and then of course the sun exposure did you know that thirty to forty percent of all adult cancers are linked to the foods we eat the exercise we get and how well we really watch our weight now you may have seen these series of slides before these come from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention but they’re very interesting and I’m starting back at 1994 this will show you in terms of obesity in the United States clearly the the darker blue of the states fifteen to nineteen percent of the population is obese and you can see that Michigan falls right in there today with all of the issues with obesity and overeating and that we do live in what we call portion Distortion we live in a very fast-paced fast food world today and everyone is eating on the run and it can really be hard not to eat too much certainly cheap fast food chains and oversized plates are all around us during the past 20 years portions have doubled in restaurants take for instance this triple double burger whatever this sandwich alone is actually a sandwich made by one of the fast-food restaurants and it by itself is over 1,100 calories so these are just some simple tips for you in terms of portion control one of the easiest things that you can do is when you are served in a restaurant before you wait till the end of your meal ask for a to-go box when it’s served and go ahead and cut half of your meal and put it into the box and put it away so you don’t see it you can certainly request a half order of an entree another thing you can do obviously is share an entree with a friend or family member or possibly even order an appetizer as your entree many restaurants too even though they say that the children’s menu is only up to age 12 you can certainly ask for a child sized portion and most of the time you won’t be refused you can share a dessert also instead of getting your own food should be pleasurable however everything in moderation so I thought it might be kind of fun to do a little bit of an interactive few questions here and check our nutrition IQ so a typical 12-ounce can of soda okay I’m sure we’ve all had them drank them just let’s talk about how much sugar we call it liquid sugar is in a can of soda three teaspoons of sugar and actually I did these so you could actually get a visual on this this is three teaspoons of sugar okay and you don’t have to follow along in your booklet right now six teaspoons of sugar 10 and this would be a whole cup of sugar clearly there are about ten teen 10 teaspoons of sugar in one can of soda okay certainly if it’s great it’s about 200 calories if it’s root beer it’s about 170 some of the Sierra Mist 7up those might be about 140 so somewhere between 140 and 200 calories we’ve had people if the only thing they changed and they were trying to lose some weight depending on how much soda pop they drank the only thing they changed was they cut out their regular soda intake they’ve lost weight people just don’t realize how much liquid calories we consume every day how many of you remember the soda machine when it looked like this and you had the bottles that came out well now most of our soda machines have either a 20 or a 24 ounce bottle if it’s not the cans and how many of us actually share this two and a half serving container with somebody else normally we don’t we drink the whole thing clearly a 20-ounce bottle which is what this is would be the 250 calories and if you did the 24-ounce you have 300 so it adds up very very quickly overall we really need to watch added sugars syrups and that that are added to our foods and beverages during processing and preparation certainly again the soda pop regular candy cakes cookies and pies fruit drinks all of these things are really high in sugar hence very high in calories now it’s not to say you can’t ever have them again you just need to have them in smaller amounts and in moderation

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