My Hashimoto’s Diet Update – My Health 1-year After Doing the AIP Diet

– It’s been about a year since I finished doing AIP for that major Hashimoto’s flare I had. So, I wanted to give you an update on my health. (jazzy music) Last week I had that interview with Stacey from Real World AIP, where she explained how she felt so much better after going on a AIP. She had suffered through her 20’s and 30’s and then in her 40’s she discovered AIP and she feels so much better. I’ll link to that up here in case you want to watch it. But, I had quite a few people asking me about my own health and any updates on that. So I figured I’d go ahead and record this video just to give you an update on what’s going on with me. So as I said, it’s been about a year since I did AIP. Back in 2018 of March I did Whole30 because I started feeling really, really run down and I was having a lot of my Hashimoto’s symptoms coming back. And so I did a Whole30 first to see if that would help clear it up.

And while it did a lot, it didn’t completely do everything so I also did AIP to really kind of make sure I started feeling fantastic, had all that energy and all of my symptoms went away. It did and I felt great. For the most part I have been just feeling fantastic pretty much since then. I did have one little flare in December. I totally understand how I caused that, it was ’cause that I was in Mexico on vacation, had some corn and dairy, which I learned is a trigger for me for starting to eat foods that really don’t do great things for me, drinking more alcohol and that kinda stuff.

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And so I had a minor flare after that but, once I got back from vacation, cleaned up and started eating 100% paleo for a while it totally went away. That was verified via antibody tests as well with my doctor. Everything cleared up and everything was fine. For the most part, I typically eat a mostly Paleo diet. I have found that if I
stick to a paleo template that’s where I feel my best.

I don’t like to stay on paleo just for the sake of restriction, just restrict to restrict, but, it is just through
lots of experimentation. I’ve been doing this since 2011. So its been eight years that I’ve done this and really experimented and found out the things that really work for me and don’t work for me. And what cause flares and what trigger me to eat things that will cause flares and all of that kind of stuff. So paleo really is the
place where I like to be. However, like I said, I don’t like to be on it just for the sake of restrictions. So I have added some things in as well. Like I eat white rice and I don’t seem to have
any problem with that.

I do notice I gain weight if I eat it too much. However, I suffer from no other symptoms from it. I also have incorporated garbanzo beans or chickpeas, like one to two times a month and I seem to have no
problem with that amount. If I add more I do notice some symptoms kinda creeping back. But other than that, one or two times a month with that is fine. And then I also have had some gluten free baked goods or processed foods like Van’s Waffles or Glutino white bread, some pastas and different kind of things like that
throughout the summer just because its been easier for us when we go camping and our vacations and
stuff, to just be able to have that kind of stuff.

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However, I haven’t really noticed any big symptoms from that, so as long as I keep it on occasion it seems to be okay. Oh, and I do have oatmeal every so often as well and that doesn’t seem to bother me. But again, these are things that I experiment with. I’m not going to go and have oatmeal every single morning and see what happens just ’cause I don’t want to and I don’t feel like it’s nutritionally valid to do that. I want to have the most nutrient dense variety as I can. I say just being able to experiment with some of these things has really been able to expand my diet and make it easier when we travel or whatever.

So like I mentioned, corn and dairy really don’t seem to be my friends. I can seem to have a couple handfuls of popcorn and that seems to be okay. But anymore than that I wake up in the morning with terrible sciatic back pain and usually it causes me to want to eat other things that are not going to help me. So I try to stay away from that as much as possible. Dairy gives me gas and bloating so I just stay away from that as much as possible. But, I do eat them on occasion, like if I go to a restaurant and there’s a dish and I really, really want it. I may have it. But, I have been noticing myself increasingly lately staying away from it even when
we do go to restaurants. Because I do know that back pain is very, very painful and especially if I’m
on vacation or something I really don’t want to have it. I also know quinoa and I, we’ve never been friends. ‘Cause quinoa gives me the worst stomachaches so that’s also off my list.

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And gluten is always 100% off my list because I’m celiac. So, that’s not even a question, I don’t even try that. I am scared to death of it because the few times I have had it have been the most painful nights of my life. So no, I’m not going to do gluten ever again, if I can help it. Unless they have some magic pill that saves us all. (chuckling) Not going to be doing that anytime soon. The corn, dairy, quinoa and gluten are the ones that I’ve discovered that I don’t do. And then everything else I just try little bits here and there and see how I do. Sometimes it’s out of convenience. Sometimes it’s out of curiosity. I’m really trying not to restrict anything out of the sake of restriction. As a result, I’ve been feeling fine. I have no symptoms. Every so often I get some heart palpitations but, I usually can tie them back to either having corn or a really stressful period,
or having too much caffeine.

Because sometimes I do drink a couple more cups of coffee than I should and usually the heart palpitations follow. Imagine that. Usually I can tell when I’m doing these things. It’s not totally random anymore. Which is good. This is post AIP. Prior to AIP, it seems like everything seemed to make things happen. But now, it’s pretty controlled. I know that if I do A, B will happen or B may happen. So, it’s good to know that so that way I can at least anticipate that if I do happen to do A and it’s just one of those things, do I really want to do it? Or is it something that’s not going to be that big of a deal? Those kind of questions I can ask myself.

I mean other than that I’ve been feeling great. I wouldn’t even really necessarily know I have an autoimmune
disease based on the way I’ve been feeling. A couple years ago I would sit on the couch all day long and barely been able to move. We went backpacking and hiking and camping and just did all kinds of stuff this summer and I had no problems whatsoever. I do tend to make sure I spend a lot of time for myself. Like I do meditate or do hypnosis audios once a day if not twice just to make sure I really let my mind chill. I tend to take that break for myself. And I do also make sure I don’t over do things.

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I don’t go and work out a ton. I do walks, 45 minutes or less a day, and then yoga, Pilates. I do Barre once a week typically. I just haven’t done it all summer ’cause we were doing so much camping, we were never home. But that’s typically my workout schedule. And so, I’m not doing Ironman Triathlons like I used to or anything like that. It’s very, very gentle kind of things. And then I also make sure I get at least eight hours of sleep a night. That is a priority above all, that I have to get that sleep. So the lifestyle aspects plus the eating mostly paleo with a little bit of kinda going out has been working perfectly for me and I’ve been feeling great. Life prior to doing AIP my first time back in 2014 and life now is completely different. I’m a completely different person. I feel amazing and honestly, like I said, I don’t even feel like I have any sort of disease or anything like that except for the fact that I know in my head that I have to do this template in order to stay that way.

But if you have any questions or anything about how I eat or how I live or any of those things, feel free to put them below. I will definitely answer them ’cause I don’t know what kind of questions you have. So otherwise I would have answered them in this. But yeah, that’s pretty much it. I have nothing bad to say. Ever since I did AIP back in 2018 everything’s been great. I feel great. And I guess that’s it. But, if you are on your journey and trying to figure this all out, I do have a Paleo and AIP freebie library which you can get access to with a link I will put it below to get the password. And it’s got all kind of resources, like a starter guide for AIP and Paleo, recipe books, meal plans, all that kinda stuff that will help you on your journey. So I will put the link for that below. And otherwise I will see you next week..

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