Kayleigh McEnany: Americans have lost faith in public health officials

whew that seat was hot today the nation's top health officials under intense microscope today dr anthony fauci cdc director rochelle walinski both testifying before the senate health committee on the federal covid response and why the public should continue to trust our major institutions and those two despite poor communication mixed messaging seemingly inconsistent public health guidance the list is long here's senator patty murray questioning wilinsky on the cdc abruptly changing its isolation recommendations i appreciate the background but i just want to know straightforward if someone is exposed to or has coven 19 and they're vaccinated what do they do if they are exposed to covet 19 and they are completely boosted they should they do not need to stay home um but they should get a test at day five what about unvaccinated same for unvaccinated for isolation so isolation being those who have had disease what i mean is it me emily the same thing i mean okay yeah exactly harrison i thought you know there was an incredible um so many tense moments frankly especially between dr fauci and senator rand paul i thought there was a lot of finger-pointing going on a lot of accusations of stoking criticism in the media that led to unhealthy discussions about policy attacks on a personal level rather than discussing the policies truth and these officials accountability for such harris well and all of that aside i want to go back to though what she just said kaylee i mean you're talking to millions of people now not just the room right no the room that's fine but the bigger room is out here all the peeps that didn't make any sense was that useful what she said and and isn't testing the thing don't we want to understand yeah absolutely and we were promised testing but not given it because the biden administration dropped the ball there's so much i think you hit on a really important point harris so much mixed messaging the cdc guidelines a great example reducing the isolation time and then saying but you don't need to test at the end even if you might still have viral load that you're spewing to infect others and then getting severe pushback getting viral internet memes over your cdc guidance having the cdc director admitting it wasn't all based on science only to then come back and revise the guidelines to say oh well if you can find a test yeah you should probably test after five days we are at a really really dangerous point in this country when axios a few days ago had an article uh called the biden administration's credibility crisis and it was saying look half the country doesn't have faith in president biden i'm paraphrasing here but when you stop trusting public health officials that's when we have a problem and we've gotten to that point when they're still using the term the pandemic of the unvaccinated one example of many there is so such lack of faith in the messengers coming out of this white house we need new faces and we need credible faces well and you know that i lean hard on well who are these unvaccinated people and if you want to make it about politics then you're not seeing all of the blacks hispanics and others who for many reasons that dr siegel and i went into last hour don't trust the government don't trust the vaccine i mean how come the government doesn't talk about them and and shoring them up since they're identifying them as people who need more in first treatment carly there was a moment in all of that when this morning when dr fauci was asked about treatments and he did talk about you know some of them although there are a lot of questions about why we don't see them readily available to doctors and when you do ask for plaques for example um you're asked what the race of the patient is that's an aside but when fauci was asked about treatments he talked about awards take a watch what's the current status of nih research to better understand long covid to look at symptoms and potential treatments there have been a number of awards that have been given most recently in september there was an additional 470 million dollar funding supported through the american rescue plan engaging about 100 researchers from 30 institutions i asked our team to pull that out because it just felt like a huge pivot carl yes because it was and the um biden administration and the health officials dr rochelle wilinski and dr fauci they always pivot to talking about vaccines and away from treatments and that's a really big problem it was huge news when everybody found out that the biden administration was prioritizing us giving covet treatments to people based on race obviously racist you need to treat people based on their condition and not on the color of their skin but the other issue with that is that we shouldn't be rationing treatment at all i mean with this country should have enough treatment you should have prioritized that without a doubt and it is a failing on the biden administration to to not have that at this point operation warp speed for treatments needs to happen yeah i i don't know juan i to my mind was just blown when he pivoted to award-winning performances by himself and others you've got to be joking me it is not time for a victory lap it's time to save some people's lives if they can do it i agree i think this the messaging has been muddled especially on this latest episode about how long to quarantine and whether or not you need a test i don't think there's any question that they are dealing with an evolving problem here i mean we have once in a generational challenge in terms of this you know pandemic but they've got to be clearer now there's no argument though about the success and the efficacy of vaccination and the booster everybody agrees our hospital system would not be strained overloaded you know like a quarter of the hospitals in the country at max capacity right now and people having to cancel surgeries for cancer and other illnesses if people were vaccinated i mean it's a simple thing and i don't think we can argue about cdc messaging but there's been no questioning about that or about the use of masks and remember you this goes back this is nonpartisan this goes back to i hear all of what you're saying but you know what you're really saying here you're saying that this current administration has come up with nothing to help us go forward since president trump's operation warp speeds vaccines that's what that drills down to and if you want to say it differently if you want to change the facts on that you've got to call the white house and tell them to do something better build back better in the category of covenant we got to get the facts the facts the facts stand pretty clear but you know what we have vaccinations today uh and we have testing available and that's the key thanks to trump oh my goodness and you really think that biden came up with those vaccines please say it before we go to commercials so you don't get tweeted by the distribution quadrants of the universe the distribution has been under president biden and he has made it available and we have gotten i think it's now he's convinced people not to take it to the point where black communities are suffering for that so he wants to make up the difference on the back end by prioritizing their care we could go on but we only have an hour a pulitzer prize well you have subsets of people who are not vaccinated and you have to help all of us all right okay we're in it together i hear you i'm committed to get to this commercial

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