Hello guys , and welcome back to Street Brothers channel Today we're gonna be doing triceps workout that you can do at home or anywhere because there are no equipment for all those who do not know triceps has the head Lateral,medial and long head so we'll make sure we hit the pressure on all the head let's start I'll show you what exercises we do ok guys , we start with first exercise regular dip As you can see , I'll be doing on box but you can do it on chair it is important that we work at the proper width slightly wider than the shoulders bend our knees the hull is active try going back a little in which case we will activate better triceps we descend below 90 degrees and back don't do this if you want to activate the triceps well you have to control 90 degrees and lock your elbows Ok, we're going on second exercise it's diamond push ups we'll also doing 15-20 reps, 5 sets try little bit not here try going slightly forward in which case we will better activate the triceps we're going to the next execise it's triceps extension we will do them on the floor palms down shoulder width we're here slightly to the rear we descend to the end and all the way up feel the movement don't do this try to doing full range of motion we're gonna be doing 15-20 reps,5 sets those who can't do you can do fewer reps it is essential that you do it correctly that's it that's my advice fourth exercise is dips on chair or bench wherever you want use you're chair from home and..

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Try receive the width of your hips or narrowly I usualy doing narrowly It's better for me it's a little harder but better activates the triceps so here we are legs are outstretched you can also bend your legs this will make it easier for you but now we'll have outstretched legs the view is forward we descend below 90 degrees back and lock your elbows one important thing do not help yourself with the body when performing the exercise or with hips perform the exercise only with you're arms the fifth exercise is push ups neutral grip those who have no parallel bars I'll show how to perform this exercise without them so we receive a neutral grip here we are we descend below 90 degrees elbows are with the body and back for those who do not have a parallel bars you can do this exercise on the floor put your palms to the side elbows are with the body and back for me it's better work on the parallel bars we can go down more and we can activate the triceps better the last exercisee is triceps extension on elevated this exercise you can perform on chair but place the chair next to the wall not to slip away you can receive shoulder width it will be easyer I like to perform this exercise with a close grip It's harder and we can activate the triceps better elbows go inside also and head and back lock your elbows don't do this so down and lock your elbows the hull is active also and legs and you can do the exercise the exercise is a little harder so we will do less repetition 10-15 5 sets so guys , that's it we came to the end of the video I hope you'll killing the triceps make each exercise complete 5 sets and that's it guys also subscribe to the channel and click the bell you can do it right now and yeah follow us on other social networks the links are bellow also press the bell to let you know when the next video is out guys kill the triceps

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