Home Yoga Home – Day 14 – Return | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Home – Day 14 – Return | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Home – Day 14 – Return  |  30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

-What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 14 and
today we focus on the return. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my darling friends, let’s begin today’s
practice on our backs. Yay! Come on down on the ground. Bring the feet as wide as your
mat when you get there and allow your knees to
fall in towards center. Want to come
into a place where you can really
relax your body here. We call this a
constructive resting pose and I feel like it’s
an appropriate pose to begin our return practice. When you get there
tuck the chin slightly, lengthen through the neck and then go ahead
and close your eyes.

Allow the sound of
my voice to guide you. Way to show up. I admire you. I honor you and your time. And, you know, it’s true, the hardest part is showing up. However, now that we are here, let’s remember
what this is all about. If you set out to
welcome transformation or if your intention included you making
changes in your body or your lifestyle,
even in your mind, consider this. In the philosophy of yoga,
we’re not actually trying to ever work towards a goal
of becoming someone or something that
we are not already. We are already that thing. That which we desire,
we already possess. So if this is a new concept,
just let it kind of wash over you as you breathe in here.

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Maybe it’s a remembrance today,
a reminder. We are not trying to step out and conform or change or embody somebody else’s
version of ourselves but we’re walking home. Back to the self
that already exists. A return to home,
a return to what feels good, what feels true. I find this a beautiful
message right before we hit our halfway
mark on this journey.

May it inspire you. May it serve as food for thought. And may you enjoy this beautiful practice devoted to
yummy hip work. (chuckles) Alright, go ahead
and open your eyes. Take a deep breath in. And let it all hang out. Breathe out,
relax your shoulders. Beautiful, as you’re ready
you’re gonna walk the heels in line with the hips. And we’re gonna
take just the right knee, just the right knee in,
squeeze it up into the chest. Good, extend your
left leg out long. So you have one leg in,
one leg out. Take a deep breath in. And on an exhale, peel your
nose up towards your knee. Good. Inhale, lower the head down. Exhale, peel your left knee up. Plant your left
foot on the ground. You’re gonna guide
your right ankle over to cross atop
the left thigh.

(laughs) Great, thread the needle. Right fingertips are
gonna go in through this hole, hey-oh, and we’re
gonna lift the left leg up and create this
beautiful Reclined Pigeon. And I’d like to invite you to
first establish some energy in your toes, in your feet. And then once you’ve done that,
you’re safe to play with soft, easy movement here. Listen to this
sound of your breath. And take one more inhale in.

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Maybe you squeeze
the legs a little further up towards your heart. And then slowly release. Beautiful, unravel. Bring the left knee up in
towards the chest squeeze and when you’re ready,
extend the right leg out long. Inhale in here,
breathe into your belly. Nice and easy exhale,
navel draws down and we peel the nose
up towards the left knee. Try to keep your
shoulders relaxed, soft and easy in the face. Great and then
slowly we’ll lower the head, the neck, the shoulders down. Lift your right knee up, plant
your right foot on the earth, and we’ll guide the left ankle across the top
of the right thigh. And when you’re ready lifting
up here, thread the needle. Keep your feet bright. That just means
energized through the feet. That way, when you get here,
you find your little bind, you can find
soft, easy movement and keep the joints protected.

Breathe deep here. If this is a new shape, you can
imagine pressing your right foot into an imaginary wall. And then squeezing the
legs up in towards your heart. Let’s all take one
more deep breath in here. Inhale. And exhale to release
right foot to the earth, unravel left to the earth. Gorgeous.
Hands come to the earth here. We’re gonna walk the
heels up for a Bridge Pose. Inhale, ground through
the feet, lift the hips. This can be
nice and small today. You’re gonna shimmy
their shoulder blades together. If you want to
get up high, go for it. But feel that compression
in the upper back body, grounding through all
four corners of the feet.

And we’re here for
one more big inhale. Feel the rise of the inhalation and the fall as you lower the hips with the exhale. Great. From here we’re gonna
lift the knees up to the chest, you’re gonna bring your hands
to the backs of the thighs, and we’re gonna slowly rock and roll up and down
the length of the spine. You can do it once or twice,
three times a lady. (laughs) So dumb. I’ve done that
joke way too many times.

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Okay. As many times as
feels right for you. Give it a little rock and roll. And if you’re like,
“How about no times?” Then just make your
way up to all fours. That’s where I’ll meet ya. And from here, bring the
wrists underneath the shoulders. Really returning to
this idea of being really attentive in the asana, right? This attention to detail. You know, God is in the details
or the devil’s in the details.

I’ll let you decide which one. When you get here,
press away from your yoga mat. Lift your heart space up between
your shoulder blades so you kind of feel your shoulder
blades move left to right. Excellent. Then from here,
inhale in, exhale, you’re going to lift the
right foot up towards the sky. And we’re just gonna draw big
circles with the right knee, one way and then
eventually the other way. Take your time. There’s gonna be a tendency to lean to the
left side, of course. Naturally, there will be a
little bit of that but see if you can try to press
into both palms evenly.

reverse the circle here. Carving big lines through space. Opening up through the hips but
we’re also engaging the muscles, the low belly,
toning the abdominal wall, building strength and stability to support the spinal column. Yes, okay, and here we go. Then we’ll lower
the right knee down and shift to the other side. You can reestablish this lift
up through the upper back body here, soft bend in the
elbows and then here we go, inhale, lift the
left foot up high. And then we’ll
start big circles one way. Building strength,
toning the arms here. Engaging that left oblique. Pressing firmly into
the top of your right foot. Go ahead and reverse the circle. Return to your breath. So as we really
stir the pot here today, you might anchor your thoughts by
choosing something specific you want to return to.

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Eating healthy? Listening to your body? Walking, jogging, running? Quality time with someone or
something that’s not your phone? Love? Alright, release it. Bring the big toes together,
knees as wide as the yoga mat. Inhale to drop the belly,
look forward, tailbone goes
up towards the sky. You can give you a little wag,
a little wiggle if you like. Hope somebody
makes a gif of this. Is it gif or jif?
I don’t know. Child’s Pose,
Extended Child’s Pose, send it back. So forehead to the earth,
heart melts back. Return to the
sound of your breath. Don’t worry about the
gif or the jif, sorry about it. What made me think of that those
I keep seeing them on Twitter. But how about we return
to the sound of the breath? Me and you both, kid. This is what yoga’s all about. It’s like acknowledging the
thought and then coming back. Acknowledging
and then returning. And it’s quite a beautiful
practice because it says, yeah, of course, you’re going
to fall off the horse, babe.

But it’s how quickly and how gracefully we allow ourselves to acknowledge that and return. Game changer. Inhale to look forward,
carve a line with the nose. Here we go. We’re gonna come
all the way back up. We’re gonna walk the
knees underneath the hip points, press into your fingerprints,
press into your knuckles, curl the toes under and lift
the hips up high and back. Downward Facing Dog. So take a second to
decide what feels awesome here. Maybe it’s soft, easy movement. Maybe it’s some
exquisite stillness today.

Nice, long, full
deep breaths in and out. Notice how you feel. Now take a deep breath in here. Let’s tuck the chin and we’re
gonna roll all the way forward. We’re gonna bend our right knee
and take it all the way up into our nice low lunge.
So plant your right foot. Then back knee’s
gonna come to the earth and we’re gonna take
the right hand bring it over towards the left
side of the mat. And then use that as your
stability to walk the right foot out closer
towards the right edge.

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We’re gonna allow the right toes
to turn out and the toes and the knee they’re pointing
in the same direction here. So we’re in a nice no,
that’s a tongue twister. We are in a nice
low Lizard variation. (clicks tongue) And if you’re
wanting a little bit of heat, a little fire today,
then I got your back. Just lift the back knee.
(chuckles) Send your left heel
towards the back edge.

Another option here is
to come onto the forearms. Keep those elbows
underneath the shoulders. So we have a couple
of variations here and they all require deep, loving, full breath. So check it out. And then slowly lower the back
knee to the earth if it’s lifted and let’s all press
back up to our hands. Then you’re gonna inhale,
take your right hand, bring it right in front of you
as if it was on like a counter. And then you’re gonna bend the
right elbow and you’re gonna smooth your hand across this
counter and just take it all the way towards the
back edge of your mat. Great, inhale,
open up through the chest. Exhale, slide it
all the way back. Beautiful. We’re gonna walk
the right foot in, frame the foot
with the hands again, lift the back knee
and just press it right back to Downward Facing Dog. Oh, yes. Deep breath in. Long breath out.

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So take a second to
pay attention to the hands. Return your awareness to that. We really tend to be a little
bit too narrow I’m finding a lot in just, in almost everywhere
I practice and share practice. So give yourself a
nice wide base here. Pinkies are really
touching the edges of the mat, upper arm bones
are rotating out. Inner thighs have
the opposite spiral. They’re rotating in
and out towards the back edge of your mat. Great, tuck the chin.
Let’s roll it forward. Left knee comes
along for the ride. We step the left
foot all the way up. Nice and slow, easing into it. Dropping the right
knee to the earth softly. Then bringing that left
hand around to meet the right. Use the hands here on
the earth as your stability to open up
through that left hip.

Left foot opening,
toes towards the left edge, knee in the same alignment. Take your time here, particularly if you’ve
been here before, actually. Just take it nice and slow. I find myself kind of catching, just catching a hold
of all my patterns. I’ll be in class
and I’m like, well, I know I can do this,
so I’m going to do it.

But I kind of miss that,
that, just the process seems so simple, but I miss that
magic moment of a process. Slow it down
essentially to summarize and back knee
can be lowered back. Back knee can be lifted. And the forearms can come down. Just keeping attention mostly to
the pace at which you’re moving. This idea of returning to Ms. Beginner’s mind. If the back knee is lifted, go ahead and let it
kiss the ground softly. We’ll come back
up onto our hands. Take a deep breath in. Make sure you’re not just
collapsing in your bones here but lifting up and out. And we’ll take the left hand up,
bring it right in front of the heart space, palm face down.
Inhale in. Exhale, you’re gonna smooth
across and all the way back. There’s an opportunity here to maybe lift the
sternum a little more. Inhale, open the chest. And then exhale, slide it back. Great, walk the left
foot back into center. We’ll frame the left foot
with both hands and when you’re ready, Downward Facing Dog
hips up and back once again.

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Nice. Deep breath in. And exhale, both
knees kiss the earth. Great, tuck the chin. Start to roll it forward but
take your right knee with you as we bring it all the
way up and in for a One-Legged Pigeon here now. We’re gonna walk the
right heel all the way up and then walk the left
leg all the way back. But here’s the deal, same
thing, if you’re kind of used to working towards
this right ankle, angle, (chuckles)
Freudian slip, just kidding. See what happens
if you bring it in. Pull the right hip crease back. We are gonna take a
look back at that left foot. But today, let’s look
past our right shoulder. So the root of this posture
really is in this back foot.

Dig, dig, dig. Inhale, we rise up. Maybe it’s in
your practice today, maybe not to hug the low ribs
in and bring the palms together, Anjuli Mudra at the heart. Everyone keep your feet bright,
toes engaged. And we might stay lifted or we might start to melt
forehead down to earth. Maybe forearms come down,
maybe fingertips reach out. Make it your own here. You do want to soften the jaw,
soften the skin of the forehead.

And let’s make
a commitment here, three to five breaths. Returning to your heart’s song. Listening to the inhalation. And listening to the exhale. Let your next inhale
be your cue to start finding
soft, easy movement. And then let the
exhale be what brings you up. Mhmmm.
Check it out. We’re gonna shift onto
the right hip, right glute. We’re gonna slowly
swing ol’ left leg around. Come on now. And we’re gonna plant
the left foot on the ground outside the right knee. If the left foot doesn’t come
all the way to the ground, that’s okay. I’m here to guide
kind of the intention, right? Not to really
crack the whip anyway so just do your best. If it does come to the ground,
though however, press into all four
corners of the feet. So we’re gonna use that. Good, then we’ll
interlace the fingertips. Bring them just
below the left knee, sit up nice and tall. Inhale in, if your hips
are talking to you here, just stay here.

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Otherwise, we’ll keep
the left hand where it is, reach the right
fingertips all the way up and find a little twist. Outer edge of the
right elbow coming to the outer edge
of the left knee. Open up through the chest. Keep it soft and easy.
No cranking, no pushing, no jerking yourself
around here, alright? Beautiful. Then slowly we’ll unravel,
nice and easy. We’re just gonna come out of it
just the same way we came into it so we’re gonna
slowly bring the left leg back. We’ll come
through to the Pigeon. Plant the palms and
come back to all fours. Take a second here to bump
the hips a little left or right, if you like. And here we go, second side. Tucking the chin,
shifting forward, bringing the left knee up. Walking the right foot back.

Breathing deep as you
get yourself set up here. Fingertips or palms
on the earth, we’ll inhale. Exhale, turn to look
past your left shoulder. Big stretch here so
breathe, breathe, breathe. And then back to center. Maybe palms come together,
maybe this is just the check in, you’re like,
“Whoa, no, not today.” And then folding inward. Your version. Listening to the
sound of your breath, keeping the feet active. Lean in. Three to five breaths here. Listen. Let your next inhale inspire
some, easy movement. Begin to wake up. And then use your
exhale to press up. Mhmmm, mhmmm, mhmmm. Alright, slow and steady,
mindful, here we go. Sending your weight
to the left hip, left glute.

You’re gonna swing
ol’ right leg around. (laughs) Crack myself up. And then press the
right foot into the earth. Again, if it doesn’t make it,
that’s okay. If it does, though,
really use that connection to sit up nice and tall.
Interlace the fingertips. We’re below the right knee,
not on the knee. Squeezing,
lifting, lifting, lifting. Stay here, breathing
deeping deep or reach the left fingertips up towards the sky. Cross it over.
Outer edge of the left elbow to the outer edge
of the right knee.

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Right fingertips may be behind. Or you can even stay here,
the right hand on the shin. Breathe, find your breath. And then slowly
coming out of it. Again, just hitting the reverse. We’re gonna come
all the way through. Take the right leg
back through that Pigeon. (mimics triumphant trumpets) And then the hands
come to the earth. We come to all fours. (mimics triumphant trumpets)
And then we walk the knees wide. And bring the big toes to touch
and we send the hips back and we melt the heart down. A total surrender. This is the last shape
of today so close your eyes, melt your heart in it. And if this is not a comfortable
resting posture for you, come to a nice, comfortable seat or just come to life flat
on your back, darling. What does your heart say when a friend asks you, “What is it you
want to return to?” What does your heart
say when a friend asks, “Hey, what is it that you “want to return to?
What’s your desire?” Listen carefully,
take a deep breath in.

As you exhale,
stay where you are, just bring the palms together
and then they’re gonna come all the way up behind your head here as you walk the elbows
forward and in just a bit. Take a beat here. Give thanks for your body,
for your breath and for this time that you’ve carved
out to be with yourself. For your willingness
to uncover and really look and see what’s there,
what feels like home. We’re on our merry way. Inhale in. Exhale to slowly release
the hands to the ground. We’re gonna come
all the way up through. You can come to sit on your
knees or swing the legs around to sit in a nice,
comfortable seat. Draw your hands of your choice,
draw your hands together all the way up to the third eye. Thumbs really pressing in to
this area between the two brows. This is a beautiful moment
at the end of the practice, the ritual, a chance to return. To this idea as well
that we are, we are one. I love it and I love you.
Thank you for being here.

Inhale in. Exhale to bow. Thanks, everyone. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music).

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