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Fertility Yoga für die 2 Wochen Wartezeit | Yoga für die Lutealphase | Kinderwunsch

Fertility Yoga für die 2 Wochen Wartezeit | Yoga für die Lutealphase | Kinderwunsch

Hello and welcome to this short
yoga unit, which is ideal for your luteal phase, i.e. when you are perhaps
just waiting for the test result, or until you can take a pregnancy test and
exactly. For this yoga unit you need a yoga mat or simply a soft surface and
a cushion to sit on. Also make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes, you can see I
am wearing very loose trousers and that is really something very important, something very simple
that we can do to feel a little more comfortable and to really give our stomachs a lot of space .
I don't know how you're doing or what happened before I squeezed myself into
tight pants for years, where I always pulled in my stomach and therefore
didn't give my stomach the attention and love it deserved and where simply the
blood flow and the energy cannot flow optimally if you always suck in your stomach.
When you are ready then, like me, come into a comfortable cross-legged position, make
sure you sit back, sit on the pillow and then put your
hands on your stomach and close your eyes.

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Take a moment
here to really come to terms with what the day is behind you and now make the conscious decision to be completely
in the here and now. Imagine a hand
gently stroking a face and taking all the tension with it, loosening its
eyebrows his temples your teeth are not
pressed together the lips gently closed the attention and to your
breathing she looked a little deeper you can breathe out deeply through
your nose and every inhalation brings new oxygen new energy into your body
with every statement leaves for a seat a hacker sink into
the pad your shoulders fall towards the floor and then feel inside yourself before
we move play into how you are today how you feel and please know that you
can do the exercises more slowly at any time that you can skip an exercise you don't have to
do anything just because I show you here you listen to your body he he is unique
and he is right as well who is missing for your today the warmth of your hands
and then slowly open your eyes and clasped your fingers here behind
the back one has you open your chest your hands diagonally towards the
floor look straight ahead breathe deeply here feel how your front side of the upper body
may open gave me a deep breath with the exhalation bend slightly forward bend
forward bend your back away and pull your mobile phone as good as possible towards the ceiling a
few deep breaths here is your stomach very softly with your next release your hands
and put them on the pad in front of you maybe you can now get a little
deeper into the front tools make your head really heavy
in the market move something here as a preventative are very calming for our nerves comes then Slowly when you whirl
up you are upright again and roll a few times guilt back and then
interlace one finger again behind your back and now take the other china in
front the somewhat unfamiliar hand appears and then he opens the bus again on the left
a few deep, beneficial breaths here and then you actually have to move forward and
bring hands as best as you can in the direction of the thick loosen your brain somehow gets a little deeper forward here prey let yourself
sink just like in the direction of the ground maybe move gently there and here come long the whirl back up until
you can message each other and circle your shoulders again to war and
then also forward and then crossed here the other side of
your legs the other leg come forward directed I on one I stretch in
the length and exhale one side to the right inhale back into the with I refer
long interlock your bring your fingers the palm up carries this direction
goes and exhale i bend on the left feel how your lips open inhale
comes up long pull yourself up again fingers clasp your palms towards the ceiling
stretch feel how you create more length in your body and then exhale
draw a large semicircle and bring your right ear towards the right knight
feel the opening the length in a nape the spine i long the head is heavy
breathe back to the center exhale to the other side back to the center and then bring your
hands to the floor behind you put your feet up and let your knees
relax to the left a few times and fall to the right and then come right here to his
front edge of the mat you can smoke weed to the side I bring your hands behind your
thighs make a healthy back and let yourself sink down vertebrae by vertebrae when you kink your chest down
here some reminder and move live
and side to side give your back a massage maybe a few circles on
the lower back in both directions and then put the feet about helps
already on the pad near your buttocks the arms come next to the
body and we make small movements with the pelvis in a direction when the navel comes
Heaven slightly high cross breathe christ a lower back of the intones the mat the
coccyx comes up then so you here at your own pace its small movement
but you feel that hopefully quite well in a basin that the breathing flow each inhalation
you pull into your lap to your womb and then you can continue like this if
that is enough for you today or you can come to a dynamic school to
flower with the next invitation it is very direction maybe cover your arms
over your head and exhale lower again and then with the next unit And
stay with your buttocks up and bring your arms back to your side when you
like to interlace your fingers and register it brings the law a little higher
next to a few deep breaths I inhale deeply here innocently slowly whirl around would be down
in your chest and gives a hug here interesting movement then put your
left foot on the mat on the Right leg comes towards the sky and circles
your right ankle here and both directions and then flex your foot the ten
looks direction from your face and often feel the stretch here Heinrich Seite This is a great
exercise to align your pelvis stay here with your left knee bent or you can
also stretch out the left leg five deep breaths at the end of stretching the left leg
you can now bend it again and also bend his right knee and pull a right shin in the
direction of your chest as gently as possible and everyone move back and forth a little
and 2 the right foot topic after flexed and then verse bend your fingers over the
right shin let the left leg slide again breathe in pull your knee a
little closer to your chest and breathe again let at your own pace here
too we have a very small movement just loosen put your right foot up and your
left leg towards the ceiling grab a left foot feel that it feels good in the
ankle track change direction and then pull your 10 the view will i stay here or
knit your right leg on the mat down to your uterus every
breath a healing soothing breath put your right foot back on the left shin
towards you left foot is flexed and also move very gently here maybe I'm afraid of a
difference I personally notice that this side is not quite as flexible as the other
side and then cross your fingers over the shin stretch your right leg with you
loosen the knee a little more to a chest again and then read the i take e once you run your
arms over your head long and while exhaling maybe put your hands
on your abdomen your heels at least helps wide open maybe you also
have your knees bent your feet and then connect this
with your uterus for a moment give it to her take deep breaths and imagine how with every
inhalation new nutrients fresh oxygen come to your uterus an abdominal wall is
very soft and feel how the warmth flows from your hands into your womb space and
brings with it a lot of wisdom and relaxation bhp with each breathe heavily and keep
the connection to your womb space when the thoughts wander away without annoying you
bring them back to the center of your body and imagine your uterus
getting exactly what it needs with every inhalation with every kind of being allowed to
let go a little more and all tension flows out of his pelvis slowly you can come back to your surroundings
feel the pad hear any noises and then take your knees to your
chest i fall on one side of your body push up over the side back in
a cross-legged position feel free to sit back on the pillow put one hand your
chest the other hand on your stomach and feel how it works physically
and emotionally and once again feel the connection from your heart space to your
lap frame your heart to your womb and give your body
a lot of gratitude a little trust that just like it
everything is fine the way it is now is it the highest and best for you why is
it in your hands in front of your heart inhale deeply through your nose and exhale
through your mouth again and then close your sandstone mouth and open your eyes
had to like this video you are welcome to come back to him regularly if you
need the peace and trust in the so zial phase and i hope to see you
again soon here on this channel after scoach is

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