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Feminine Yoga für die Follikelphase | Hormonbalance

Feminine Yoga für die Follikelphase  | Hormonbalance

hello and welcome to this
short time for your follicle phase ideal so never really
stopped you were on your way how to start with a jump you can sit cross-legged
with your sun upright 1000 days
decide we are shrugging put your ears on a cell phone 81 these
your eyes take a moment to arrive next to your cell phone warsteiner sausage maybe you can feel your
heartbeat feel your chest appear here you are looking for the
connection you can make your heart to the qualities of your heart
the useless connect love openness and then lay your cell phone 8 a lower belly
come to your attention in a lock you need a
belly on off you can let flow so i am here with your lap function even stand in front of the cadets
and your heart flow down to them ask a shot what the love and connection
of yours em heart flow into a shelter then opens but it gave me a
the poor sides gave me an award after nothing more a terribly slow to the
left came so the name i back and forth again and again another you come
up with the statement for you on the side, however, one says against the mistresses writing
have a hans länder quite eight people and I can do that
relatively slowly or if you like can be a bit more dynamic should
feel good for your body then comes the beginning back to the middle maybe
do a few more circles of my shoulders in facilities and then bring the
soles of your feet together in the butterfly position as my knees did
n't spot me as a clinically 11 so blanket but his spine is
erect feel the sensations here your pelvis maybe would you like to defend here for a moment
who drop left and right then ko mmen here in a 4 fisherman
draws attention to his pelvis around the pelvis begins
to circle we are tense joints and has
no one from the signs he is helping wide open maybe the edge of the
spine moves with the head the attention of the way there
is the change movement right away barely waved back and then something came
forward take that dishes on news faster up the 10 and moved back
here interest forward and then you take
your right leg up your knee as if your right leg gooseberries a scorpion and im bild.de
expand sinks that will press towards the earth the child does not come to the chest the skis through
animal species how do i recognize the configuration that my yoga often does here it is
so similar that we can still take the leg with us we can only approximately one is in the back
minibus open up the bank lets sink one last time and then we do
n't think opti upstairs onal races possible for you i knew stretch your left arm backwards
hold your ankle in your hand pressed your hand into your ankle and here
a true christian more up pretty well and read move the
film local and then next me the time the one advent open a ailing
and but are your the book so on when we that in the next halfway through me on
the other side embraces your right hand of the left ankle hit the ankle the hand
on the ankles here a few breaths and why reading bring his left foot on
the matter I will play here before the back how it was the left one the
sender was next to one knee spread apart the big toes touching
one another standing in the hand and the child coming there on the market there not
bad and earth sink and spanish dani find what your hand is directed that noticeably
you can us through these exercise rooms t you your teammates now crises here twice
against building one but also consumption and then slowly come
up to serve your 10 on lord switch off and get alternative
hands are already as far apart as wide and move in the waves
after penultimate brent says at least said men knees sink logical lounger
always came all the way down and collided one shoulders back in your hands to the
outside of drama the spruce can button be different and then get married here
get to osaka lower then you can on the little look you still get so far
up that your founding doesn't hurt and then you can still look a drama here to the
left to the right how to make a sign each side and then back the
hands really want to look for the cdu four fingers the dog its old pretty
here and then a minimum right leg up said if big a us sent the
right foot comes between your hands you can walk flat put it up or
look at your fingers come and not move a little forward here direction
he recognize and then put my left hand has someone who and publicly i thought
draw couple great return trip with a straight stay at home lean back and
as if the left leg comes the robes when the foot comes see into the hands and
moves back here the posh place your cell phone man tee and may fight your way
down to the left on your pairs but you rainer strecker seldom look back and always had
a front to bed at home from yogic
couch bring the chest debt settlements and housekeeping back to the attitude of the child little ones knees next to each other
even on the rocks stirnemann and poor comes behind you at the table or you
bring the area around the back then on the right thigh breathe deeply said energy de another heart beats
another may come back to the beginning and go video we are of the qualities and
your heart flow in your stomach we also feel it becoming very soft or
imagine your stomach warmth connection depending on each unit arrives and put
these qualities down people died we want as in systems by the dog
in a day in which she did me read one in it and subscribe to my channel
so that no more videos left

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