Home Yoga EMP METAL YOGA : Folge 2 feat. Korn, Trivium, In This Moment und Avenged Sevenfold

EMP METAL YOGA : Folge 2 feat. Korn, Trivium, In This Moment und Avenged Sevenfold

EMP METAL YOGA : Folge 2 feat. Korn, Trivium, In This Moment und Avenged Sevenfold

in an upright seat with crossed
legs, the knees a bit together, the lower legs a bit from the
clique, hands on tight and begin to circle clockwise out of the lower spine in the upper
body now system that I here also uncertain the shoulders with me will get further up
a few smaller at noon in the middle to the
other lower leg forward change the two then we thought wins against the usa
before and after because here too it is to blame then
further up comes the clothes you can take the palms of the hands
from the power in the middle then law on
the mat with the pro from the mat jeep in your arms want to get on your feet with also let your hands down on the mat again in the game and
raise your eyes will you be called on the mat from I'm close
on the body to each other that the knees right and left the
directions sink towards the floor nicely
the hands cross the legs chip indices outer edges left moves the weight
forward and comes to a stand exhale comes over the legs the legs
to the deep jump backwards had to look for a long time
the dog in front of a sloping plane on the mat lengerich before in the
cure and back end could look down is right between the hands left
foot the hands and looks up and then
the arms live in a high in the basement
also rank easter know to meander the customers
back into the downward-facing dog with the right between the hands
come up flying and then fans hands right and
left of front foot on ground step back into downward facing now knees chest know curve back
into downward facing dog meets left between end
comes up league as you sideways on warrior 2 here the back hand on legs
left goes up inverted blade and then fans here too hands
right and left of front foot on market left f let's look backwards and downwards so
that sartorius prepares us with his feet ready to spread
communicative hope to make elbows from the inside against the palms of his hands he releases his hands lets himself off on the
mat when his feet are put together in front the laborious never
together you have left the rail into my right arm
also turned perfect on the treatment we have the legs back to the middle now
with the right raises the left arm has again have both legs on the
back here this way today both of which could again in front of the
fewest chances shift the weight forward coming straight with the right his right
ankle and bring the right foot to the inside earn the hands together in front of the chest for the
tree this is the hands release the change the
side the left foot without now goes to the inside of the right thigh secret to be the prayer or bus the hands want the foot now with with benefits for the dealers
behind you too the shoulders may be looking the head with the upper body again carries the
arms up and sinks forward over the legs which put the upper body on the
back käser also on the buttocks the right nothing often never wants to grab anything from the world
either the left hands the left thigh tightened so make
sure your hands put your foot think put your right foot next to it and
bring your left ankle legal are the clichés of you which
understand both hands the right thigh
she is the to you through your hands your right foot on the
left and offset the samples 14 centimeters to the right from the center of the magnitude 4 tightened knees after
staff to the floor right arm perfectly quench the feet are also offset cool
stuff lings and then lower to the right to
the floor the left arm will be strictly to the left these right elbows the legs
up the feet just before the middle of the mat the knees go again
do the lower back here again then start on the bab the folders
looked forward and backward come these continue to sit
up rise the legs from flex targeted
active some arms up with a long upper body forward
the psyche can grab it right away and you don't have to fold up here
but gradually put the upper body back on for the rest you
have to be careful tilt the knee around the right foot or for the inside of the
thigh stretch your back your arms good utilization sink what you in
buildings with both hands the left foot is the hands raise the upper method
the right leg out into the left foot on let the knee still extended left foot on the inside of the
right thigh the upper body long the arms and caught over the right
leg forward the upper body has sets the coast off
with captain's back and maybe hands under lower back
tucks legs up out of the sole of foot up legs make
really comfortable

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