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Namaskar to all the viewers and how are you all. I hope you all the good. I'm back with a new workout video and in today's video, I'm going to to Biceps training. Many people wrote this that they are not able to grow their biceps. So in today's video, I will be telling you that what principles should you follow, the science behind bicep training and what are the things you should take care of. Let's start our video. In today's video, I'll clear one of your myth because many people say that they don't have preacher curl machine or any high end machine for biceps training. Today I'll tell you that you can grow your biceps even with a pair of dumbbells. But yes you need to keep some small things in mind which I'll show you in the video I selected 4 exercises which includes High inclined dumbbell curl, concentration curl, hammer curl, and 21 curl. 1st exercise is inclined dumbbell curl. I'll tell you about 4 big mistakes which people do and what is the right way. Firstly, lie down straight.

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So the first mistake which people do is that whenever they lift dumbbell, they raise their elbows too much which you shouldn't do. So your elbows should not come up more than this They can get lifted naturally a bit but that's fine. Second mistake which people do is that whenever they perform repetitions, they lift their upper back much which is a wrong position. Your upper back will always be like this and you can lift the neck, no problem in that.
And 3rd mistake is that when people bring the dumbbell down, so they release them very fast. Don't do this. And 4th and final is that people choose heavy weight because of which they do incomplete range of motion. So whenever you want to perform the repetitions, select the weight in which your range of motion will be complete. Like this. Now I'll show that how should you perform by doing 2-3 reps. Lift it up, slowly, squeeze your biceps and breathe out and then release it down slowly.

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Perform it in a controlled way so that you can target your bicep muscle properly. Up again and breathe out. Try to perform 3-4 sets and reps should be 10-12. 2nd exercise I'm doing is Concentration curl which is a very nice exercise for our biceps Just remember 2-3 points which I'll tell. Whenever you perform concentration curl, the leg on which you kept your hand should not be too far or too in Keep this leg at 90° like this and you can keep the other leg according to your comfort zone. Like this Second point which I want to share is that whenever you do this, I saw many people placing their elbow on thigh Don't do that. Place your tricep like this when you perform this exercise. Third thing is, I'm telling a change in gripping. This is my dumbbell. So generally, we hold the grip from the center.

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In this, hold the grip from here, from side like this Now let me show you. Whenever you lift, turn the dumbbell towards your thumb and squeeze your biceps properly and breathe out. And then release the dumbbell easily This will be your movement. This is giving a nice squeeze to your peak And a nice stretch while going up and down. Now whenever you'll be exhausted, the advantage is that your another hand is free So you can take support with this hand to complete the rep But when you do this, remove the support while taking your hand down and control it. Then again take help while lifting up and remove again while going down. And try to do more reps in this exercise and not take much heavy weight I'll suggest you to do 10-15 reps and perform 3 sets. 3rd exercise is Hammer dumbbell curl. I'll tell you about a small mistake and it's correction.

Watch this carefully. Whenever people do Hammer dumbbell curl, they bend ahead of pelvic bone and then kick up the dumbbell Like this which you shouldn't do
Firstly stand straight, chest lift, core tight and after that if you want to push the dumbbell, So do it with your elbows and slowly down So that means while doing Hammer curl, you can bring up the dumbbell fast and slowly down in a controlled way Like this, and lift it up breathe out, just squeeze your muscle and release it slowly like this.

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I'll suggest 3 sets with 8-12 reps. 4th and final exercise is 21 curl. Now don't get amazed because you might did this with barbell before But we'll do it with dumbbells. So hold them straight, again chest lift, core tight and we'll do 7 reps in down to up motion half And similarly, bring the dumbbell down in a controlled way As soon as you complete these 7 reps, then do 7 reps from up to down And make sure you lift the dumbbell full up and squeeze As soon as you complete 7 reps, now bring full movement from down to up for 7 reps And target whole muscle and involve your bicep muscle as much you can And this will be the failure set so only do 2 sets of this This was our today's video in which you saw how I performed all 4 exercises with dumbbells but I took care of small points and you should also remember these small points while doing these You'll feel much difference in your bicep growth if you'll try these exercises in your gym then do let me know that how you felt after doing all the exercises I'll be back with the next video Till then take care of yourself and your family Take care,

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