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#1 Nutrition Tip for Weight Loss

#1 Nutrition Tip for Weight Loss

Hey team coach Jake here and today I'm
going to be sharing with you the number one nutrition tip to help you burn more
fat and get the results that you desire okay now you already probably know that
to lose weight you have to burn more energy than you consume right so we're
not going to talk about that because that's just basic common sense all right
now if you didn't know that now you do alright but what I want to talk to you
today is a hormone that affects fat loss more than most people understand. It's
called insulin, you've probably heard of it before it's job is to manage our
blood sugar levels now the thing that you have to understand is when insulin
is high fat burning is low so when there's a lot of insulin in your
bloodstream your body can't burn fat effectively so the number one job when
it comes to nutrition and fat loss number one focus is to manage insulin
okay so when we start and we want to lose weight number one thing we need to
focus on manage insulin now typically if you do that your cravings and your
hunger will be under control and you'll typically eat less anyway which looks
after our energy balance issue that we spoke about before right so how do we
manage insulin well the number one thing you need to do is reduce your
carbohydrate intake for 99% of you guys watching I've literally sat down with
thousands of clients over the last ten years and almost every single time if
this person was overweight we looked at their nutrition they're eating way too
many carbs when carbs go up that means blood sugar levels rise insulin gets
pumped into the blood to bring them back to normal and that means we're not going
to be burning fat okay so number one we need to reduce carbs okay pretty simple
now number two thing we need to do is wait for it resistance training that
means doing some kind of strength training because the stronger,
bigger and healthier our muscles are the more sensitive we become to insulin so
all the receptor sites for insulin live in your muscle cells okay a lot of them
not all of them and a lot of them live in your muscle cells so the bigger our
muscles the more receptor sites we have the more sensitive to
insulin we become that means our body doesn't have to produce as much to
stabilize our blood sugar levels which makes us far more sensitive to insulin
and means we burn fat at a much more faster rate at a much more effective way
okay and the third thing we need to do is we need to increase our omega-3 okay
we increase our omega-3 so really really simple fats in general but omega-3s are
really really important because not only do they stabilize our blood sugar levels
but they help the health of our cells which means healthier and more sensitive
insulin receptor sites again which means our body produces less insulin okay so
depending on how much weight you've got to lose depends on how much omega-3
you'd want to take but somewhere between 10 and 20 grams per day which might
sound like a lot but this is until you reach your goal weight and then it'll be
much smaller than that okay so what you're going to do is divide that
total up so let's say you're going for 20 grams and if you're 20 percent
or higher body fat 20 grams will be a very good number for you okay
and this has been practiced many many times and studied to you know thousands
of times literally so you're going to split that up across all of your meals
and you'll end up taking three or four fish oils after every meal okay at the
end of every meal that'll help reduce the insulin spike that you have and
therefore increase your body's ability to burn fat okay there are a few other
things you can do but we're going to keep it really really simple today okay
just do those couple of things and you're going to achieve much much better
results than you ever have before when it comes to your fat loss good luck post
any questions in the comments.

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